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Feel like trying a Logic Puzzle?

From PS/SS:
Danger lies before you, while safety lies behind,
Two of us will help you, which ever you would find,
One among us seven will let you move ahead,
Another will transport the drinker back instead,
Two among our number hold only nettle wine,
Three of us are killers, waiting hidden in line.

According to Hermione, logic puzzles take a lot of skill to solve. What she doesn't mention is the difficulty to construct them... *joking* Nor is it easy to determine the level of difficulty when you know the correct answer. The brown level of difficulty expressed is chosen by the creator of the Quiz. The red average of rated values are the opinions of members who have taken the quiz. (The creator's opinion is not included in this average.) You can take the puzzles without logging in, but you have to login first to rate them. *smile* The rating system explained.

Unlike the Potion Puzzle in PS/SS, these puzzles don't contain the penalty of Death should you missjudge the solution... *joking* Another, less pleasant, difference is that you'll have to do without rhymes... But at least they are set in the wizarding world... I hope you'll have some fun here! *smile*

Try & Trix assumes that you have read all seven HP books. Any puzzle that only use info from a subset of the books, will declare this in the description and/or the title of the puzzle!!!

Additionally, all puzzles using any kind of newly released information (from JKR or otherwise) are clearly spoiler marked.

A Pair of Socks ( Classical, but with a twist to make you think! )    Average rate as 2.7: (by 21 person(s)).
Created by Evreka in August 2005. Short description:
How many socks does Harry have to bring with him down in order to be sure of having a like-colored pair to put on?

Four Quidditch Players ( Medium )    Average rate as 3.5: (by 33 person(s)).
Created by Evreka in August 2005. Short description:
Correctly "pair up" each student with his or her corresponding House, Broom and Quidditch position.

Mini Witch Quest ( Easy )    Average rate as 2.4: (by 5 person(s)).
Created by Evreka in July 2006. Short description:
Correctly "pair up" each witch with her corresponding first and last name as well as her favourite subject.

Five Friends Forever ( Challenging )    Average rate as 4: (by 4 person(s)).
Created by Evreka in July 2006. Short description:
They are all very different, yet they are immensely loyal to eachother and share eachothers deepest secrets. Correctly "pair up" the five friends different homes, belongings, careers and abilities.

The Diversers ( Medium )    Average rate as 4: (by 3 person(s)).
Created by Evreka in November, 2007. Short description:
This is somewhat more straight forward than the other logic puzzles (so far). And so should be easier... Correctly "pair up" each sister with her corresponding group, pet, (favourite) subject and age. *smile*