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FAQ for crossTrixer 2.0

crossTrixer is written in JavaScript, so you must have JavaScript enabled for this to work. It is still being developed and the functionality might be improved over time. The application has been tested in Internet Explorer v6 and Firefox v1.5 .

This FAQ uses a miniature crossword for illustrations. It is not among the available crosswords you can choose to take. If you find something lacking from this FAQ or you come across a bug that is not listed among known ones, please let Evreka know through owlpost (logged in members only) or the guestbook. Thanks!

An Overview

When the application load, this is what you will see:
screen cap
If needed, the two "columns" will scroll independently from eachother.

A Close-Up On the Left-Hand Side

The left-hand side consists of four main things:
screen cap A: On top is the button you press to correct the crossword once you are finnished with it.
B: Shows only if the crossword has a Bonus Word. Otherwise C will follow directly after A. This mini crossword do have a Bonus Word, as you can see. The first, blue line describes the Bonus Word, which you enter in the textfield just below it. You do not have to enter a bonus word, but if you do get it correct you will earn extra points. See more about these words below.
C: This is the crossword itself.
D: As long as this checkbox is unchecked you are saved from loosing what you have done so far, if you accidentally press "Correct the Crossword!" or otherwise accidentally send it off for correction. If you do want to correct a partly solved crossword, you can check this checkbox. If you have entered letters in at least 60% of the cells, it will be corrected.
Finally: For the logged in member, the usual question on saving the result will show up between the C and D parts.

A Close-Up On the Right-Hand Side

The right-hand side is packed with all you need to solve the crossword.
screen cap The information on top in the red marker will always show information about the currently active word in the crossword. If no word is active, it will look like this - all empty. The checkbox below can be used to show the hint for the current word. The application will remember your choice to show (or hide) any individual hint. This information is henceforth refered to as the Current Key Box.

The form in the middle in the blue marker is where you enter or clear your guessed words and letters, henceforth refered to as the Form.

Finally, at the bottom, in the black marker is an extensive list of all keys for the crossword, henceforth refered to as the Key List.

How to Use the Application

Read the keys/hints until you spot a word you think you know what it is. Find that word in the crossword. Click in any cell that belongs to this word. Each word that makes use of this cell, will get one row in the Form to the right. The cells corresponding to the currently active word will be colored blue in the crossword.Enter the word you think you know in the corresponding row, and hit "Add!" at that line. The letters you provided will now appear in the crossword. You can only add/edit/remove one word at the time. If you want to clear the entire crossword and start over, simply reload the entire page by the reload button in your browser. *smile* When you are satisfied with the words you have entered, you can check the result by clicking the "Check for correctness" button above the crossword.

It is also possible to click random cells in the crossword, to see the current key displayed in the Current Key Box, however this may be a far more tedious search for a good starting point.

Using Hints

In the hunt for a word to fill in, you might want to get additional and easier clues. If you choose "Show all hints" OR manually check every box all hints will be displayed. "Hide all hints" OR manually unchecking every box likewise hides all of them. You can also choose to just show some hints by checking/unchecking corresponding checkboxes, like this:
screen cap
None of these manipulations will affect the crossword. So you do not have to be afraid to use these hints with a partly solved crossword. They will however, affect whether or not the Current Key Box will display the hint or not.

How to Choose a Word

Immidiate Result

Let us begin by clicking the white cell B4 in the crossword, which is a conjunction. Three different words use that cell: Across: B 3-8, B 4-8 and Down (with a turn): 4A - D5. Result:
screen cap

The cell we clicked in the crossword is now dark blue, and all other cells in the first word making use of that cell is lighter blue. Hence, in an active word you can not see if any cell is part of a bonus word. Do not worry over that, this info will come back!

The topmost row in the Form now correspond to the clicked cell B4.
The other rows in the Form now corresponds each to one word using that cell. The first such word is the currently active one and hence it is its Key that is displayed in the Current Key Box.

Changing the active word

If we click in the third row in the form (corresponding to the second word), we get this result:
screen cap
This second word is now the active one, and only those cells that belongs to this word are now blue. Specifically, B3 the bonus colored cell, now has got its bonus color back.

If we click in the forth row in the form (corresponding to the third word), we get this result:
screen cap
This third word is now the active one, and the cells that belongs to this word are now blue. The application knows that the word turns, and so the blue cells also turn.

How to Enter a Guess

Let us see what happens if we decide to enter a guess for the shorter ACROSS word B 4-8. We click the corresponding row and enter our guess in the textfield:
screen cap

When we press "Add!", this is the result:
screen cap
As you can see the letters were magically transported to the crossword. They will always appear as capital letters in the crossword, whatever case you use.

Now it is pretty easy to guess that the sure name for B 3-8 must be POTTER. We can of course go to that row, type all letters again and add this word too, or we can just add the missing 'P'. If we click the cell B3, and go to the topmost row in the form, this happens:
screen cap
Since we are about to enter a letter, no word is active and the Current Key Box is empty.
We type our letter...
screen cap

When we press "Change letter!", this is the result:
screen cap
Again the letter is magically transported to the crossword.

How to Clear a (Wrong) Guess

You can always type over an old guess by filling in that word again, but sometimes you might want to clear something that is obviously incorrect without neccessarily knowing what to put in instead. Simply click any cell in the word you want to remove, go to the corresponding row in the Form, and press "Clear!". This happens:
screen cap
The pop-up box is there to stop you from loosing any letters if you accidentally press "Clear!" when you mean to add a word. A confirmation later:
screen cap
That word is empty in the crossword. As you can see, this will affect any crossing words that use those cells too. After the word is cleared, the crossing words have "holes" at the conjunction.


Guessing the Bonus Word - if any

Crosswords that have a Bonus Word will have colored cells in them. The letters that end up in these cells will together form a Bonus Word if you follow the instruction (immidiately below the "Correct the Crossword!" button). This instruction describe what kind of a word it is and whether you need to scramble the letters in the colored cells or not. If the word contains any non-letter it will be given in this description (as, for instance, a '-'). If so, you should include it, as well as all letters from the colored cells, in your answer. The case you write in does not matter. Any spaces entered in the Bonus Word are ignored.

Also, please note that these words may, strictly speaking, consist of more than one word and be a HP phrase or a central concept.

You can leave the Bonus Word blank if you wish, but if you DO get it right, it will earn you a few extra bonus points. It is corrected at the same time as the rest of the crossword, by clicking the "Check for correctness" button.

Getting the Result

When you are satisfied with your solution use the button "Correct the Crossword!" to send it off for Professor McGonagall to grade! *joking*
screen cap
If you want to correct a partially solved crossword you must check the checkbox below the crossword. Again, this is a safety precaution that will stop you from getting a terrible result by accidentally sending it off too soon. You do not, however, have to check it to send off a finnished crossword where you have decided to leave a Bonus Word blank.

Known Bugs

Features that Might Be Implemented at Some Point