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How to use the Jigsaw Application

Wait for the puzzle application to load. When it is ready you will see an area with more or less pieces of an image below, and in the left part of it a menu in grey. Grab the pieces with your mouse. When two adjacent pieces come together they will snap together. For a solution to a problem using this application, see below. How to change the difficulty level is described at the end of the page.

It won't load at all or only partly

It has loaded, but all I see to the left is an empty grey area.

If the menu to the left appears to be empty, try to enlarge the window (ie make it broader). This seem to happen if the window isn't broad enough for the application. The menu will most likely appear, otherwise read on below.

It won't load

As it is written in Javascript and Java you need to have those enabled in order to see and use it. Unfortunately it doesn't work equally good on all computers and all web browsers. If you have trouble loading it, refer to this page for Troubleshooting put together by JigZone.com . Note that the link will take you out of Try & Trix and into the realm of JigZone.com. Hence Try & Trix has no responsability for the content, nor the pop-up adds you are likely to see.

It has loaded. But...

There are missing pieces?

If you are missing some (or all) pieces, click the Shuffle button in the menu. This will center all pieces that are way off the area you see, and also bring smaller pieces to the front. Mostly this solves the problem. Sometimes you can still miss pieces because they are above other bigger pieces with the same color, so shifting the pieces around with your mouse can sometimes help too. If not a second attempt at Shuffle should do it. All pieces that has found their "neighbors" will stay together through the shuffle. So you won't have to redo anything already partly solved.

The pieces won't move! Or they refuse to snap together!

If this is the first time you try it, it may mean that your browser or computer don't allow Java or Javascript. The other possibility is that your computer is running out of (RAM) Memory. See the linked technical help page under It won't load above.

So, how do I ajust the difficulty level?

To get help to solve it

The solved puzzle will look like the photo at the top of the menu. Also if you click the Solve button a (very) slow demo will start to find pieces that belong together.

NOTE: A few of the available puzzles will not solve to a rectangular photo, but a circular one. In those cases, it's the center of the photo that appear in the puzzle. However, the photo at the top of the menu won't change at all.

Changing the difficulty level

If you click the Shapes button, you'll get a list with lots of other available shapes on pieces and different amount of pieces. These choices range from 6 pieces classic (extremely easy) to 240 pieces squares (more or less impossible). Choose from the list, wait for the puzzle to reload, and you have a different level of difficulty.

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