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This collection of links is likely to grow with time. *smile*

See also the acknowledgements.

Harry Potter related links

HP Puzzles

At the following sites you'll find other Harry Potter themed Puzzles of various kinds. The links are not ordered.
How obsessed with Harry Potter are you? A really fun quiz. *big smile*
More jigsaw puzzles at Pottertastic (also from Jigzone.com)
Several interactive wordsearches

Other great places to visit for a HP-fan. The links are not ordered.
The Quibbler, from October 2008 forward, also includes puzzles. NEW!

HP Knowledge

Sites with a fantastic amount of HP knowledge. Something to visit before your next visit here? *joking*
Harry Potter Lexicon For all imaginable HP knowledge.
JKR's own site. *big smile* Definitely worth a visit. If you're connection speed is too slow for flash, here's an alternative:
JKR's site, TEXT ONLY version.
Quick Quotes Quill For anything JKR has ever said in an interview. (Plus lots of articles summoning her up...)
Jo's Prequel Card You will get to her card by clicking first on Read our author's stories and then on Jo's name.

HP Communities, Forums & Chats

The links are in alphabetical order.
Explore Potter For some intelligent, in-depth, mature and friendly discussions on HP.
Grown-Up-Harry-Potter-Forum A new Google group for adults who wish to discuss HP.
Leaky Lounge A friendly message-board with some great discussions going.
Chamber of Chat A unique and very inspiring 3-dim HP chat. Quite something special! *supergrin*

Other HP Sites

Other great places to visit for a HP-fan. The links are not ordered.
The Quibbler It's bursting to the seams with "all the news you won’t find anywhere else". Normally, that is, in this issue aimed for April 1st, it's all about the news you need to know... *kidding* . The Quibbler is always available as a pdf or a downloadable zip-file, both available at that link. NEW!
HP Crafts A Yahoo! Group for people who like various crafts (knitting, embroidery, decorating... anything as long as it is a craft technique) and would like to combine it with their HP interest.
accio's avatar page with lots of awsome Harry Potter themed avatars.
Butterbier With some very funny and great looking HP smilies. (German site with some English translations)

Other links

Other Puzzles

There are more puzzles sites out there, most have nothing to do with HP. *smile* The links are not ordered.
Boxerjam Puzzles A puzzler site.br> NOTE: The membership there are NOT free, but some puzzles are open to guests, too.
Jigsaw Puzzles Lots and lots of them...
webbkryss.nu Interactive crosswords (Swedish site)
Interactive puzzles in english Very easy.
Betapet A Scrabble site in swedish (Swedish site)


Other links. The links are not ordered.
webforum.nu A great place for computer interested and/or programming swedes. (Swedish site)
Statconter provides webbmasters with excellent visitor counters for free.
HTML Dog A great place to learn more about HTML, CSS and more. *big smile* Contains guides which are easy to understand in levels suited for beginners to advanced webbprogrammers.
Color Charts for Webbdevelopers.
Avigsidan The site for swedes to laugh at advanced "swenglish" and swedish sentences which didn't quite turn out as intended... *joking* (Swedish site)
Avigsidan's english pearls Contains hilarious english sentences which didn't quite turn out as intended... *joking* This page may well give the english speaking visitor a great laugh as well. These comments are (supposed to) be authentical signs from different parts of the world... *joking* (Never mind the few swedish lines, they are just comments.)

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