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Posted at 2015-01-01 21:55:53
Beast or Being Check Added & Non-Confirmed Accounts Largely Cleaned
Happy New Year everyone! *smile*

A few days ago I inserted a Beast or Being check at registration time, to stop automatic bots from registering in the way they have done previously. This seems to work, and I have also deleted the thousands of unconfirmed accounts that I suspect bots to be behind. If I have accidentally removed a human made account in the process, I appologize and urge you to repeat the registration again.


Posted at 2011-07-31 09:32:04
Happy Birthday!
This day holds reason to celebrate the two most important figures to Harry Potter fans: the author J. K. Rowling - or Jo - and, of course, the most courageous and great wizard of all times Harry Potter!

Happy Birthday, Jo Rowling!
I hope you have a wonderful day where all your wishes come true!!!


Happy 31st birthday Harry Potter and may you live in your fans - current and future - hearts forever! *big smile*

Welcome to everyone who registered since last newspost! *smile*


Posted at 2010-07-31 16:53:38
Happy Birthdays!
This is a most special year within the HP Universe. Because today our favourite hero, who was born in 1980, turns 30! *big smile* And like every year, it also marks the birthday of a really awsome author!

Happy Birthday, Jo Rowling!
I hope you have a wonderful day where all your wishes come true!!!


Happy 30th Anniversary Harry Potter! *joking*

Welcome to the new members, since last time! *smile*

The Quibbler use this month's issue to warn against certain mushrooms, tell its readers to be aware of where the music in stereos really come from and other most important news, that nobody else would print. However, it also remembers birthdays and not least, includes a whole host of puzzles, go check it out! *smile*


Posted at 2009-08-02 11:37:50
Celebrating Birthdays - if a bit late!
This Friday was July 31st. Unfortunately I spent most of the day on a train, and most of yesterday in the bed with a terrible head ache. So a bit late, but anyway:

Happy belated Birthday, Jo Rowling!
I hope you had a wonderful day!!!


Happy belated Birthday Harry Potter! *joking*

A new number of The Quibbler, honouring latter's birthday and more is out now. And as usual it includes a few puzzles.

Welcome to the newest members, now that I am back home, new things will pop up here in a little while. *smile*


Posted at 2009-05-02 10:33:09
A Tribute to our HP Heroes
Today, 11 years ago, (in the world of HP) the Final Battle at Hogwarts took place. While it ended Voldemort's reign, it also ended the lives of a lot of characters that we love and respect.

The latest issue of The Quibbler takes a moment to honour them.

And welcome to the newest members! *big smile*


Posted at 2009-04-01 00:24:35
New Crossword up!
Welcome to the newest members! *smile*

Today I am happy to introduce the interactive version of the crossword that appeared in the December issue of The Quibbler. Not even a magical magazine *joking* can quite manage interactivity when it comes to puzzles. Apart from interactivity the new Quibbler December Crossword now comes with a bonus word and both keys and hints.
Thanks to the Quibbler Staff on the whole and wordsaremagic in particular for allowing this!

I've also updated the Link page, removing some NEW! markers that was not-so-new and added some links to The Quibbler, the online (fan-made) version of Xeno's magazine, normally bursting to the seams with "all the news you won’t find anywhere else". The current April Fool's issue, however, is all about the news you need to know... according to some at least. *kidding* The Quibbler always comes in both pdf and a downloadable zip-file, both available at that link above.

I hope everyone have a funny April's Fool's Day! *supergrin*

Happy Puzzling!


Posted at 2009-02-16 21:46:57
New Major Update!
Welcome back to Try & Trix!

Today a major update of available puzzles have gone live! A whole bunch of new Jigsaw Puzzles from the various enchanting environments on Chamber of Chat is now up. Thanks, Carl! *big smile*

There's also two new Sphinx Riddles and a (somewhat belated) new Christmas Quiz as well. Those of you who haven't been back since the last email about major updates may not have seen the Prequel Quiz either. Scroll to the bottom of the Quiz page to find it!

There seem to have been a lot of members lately who have had troubles to make the registration pull through. If you try to register, but no confirmation email comes, refer to the FAQ for tips.

With a little piece of luck it won't take this long before the next update comes up!

Welcome to the newest members! *big smile*

The newsletter has been sent to all confirmed members who have signed up for it!

Happy Puzzling!

Posted at 2008-12-31 15:27:36
Happy New Year!
Happy New 2009 to all!

I hope you will all get a great new year! *smile*

And welcome to the newest members!

Posted at 2008-09-30 22:25:13
The spoiler period for DH is over!
First of all, welcome to the newest members! *big smile*

The spoiler policy for DH is finally gone, and from now on T&T expects everyone to have read all seven books. All puzzles previously under the DH category have been moved to more permanent Categories after where they fit in. Also you no longer have to login to take them.

When the HBP Spoiler period ended I went through all existing puzzles and ajusted the questions or answers or declared the puzzle to be based "pre-HBP" where something became ambiguos with HBP.

This time, the amount of puzzles has grown so much this became a bit impractical. So instead of checking all old puzzles. I've simply just noted in their descriptions which book(s) they are based on.

A puzzle that is "pre-DH" might still just evolve around one book, what it means is simply that any alternatives should be considered as if the last book was not yet out. IE disregard any info from DH when you reply to such a quiz.


Posted at 2008-06-14 18:42:00
New Quiz up today!
Welcome to all new members that has registered since the last news post! *big smile* I hope you enjoy it here!

Just a few days ago, there was an auction on a Prequel Card Jo has written. And today Try & Trix has a related Quiz! As the card was became available online this Thursday the quiz is spoiler marked and you have to login to take it. Just scroll to the bottom of the Quiz page...

I've also updated the Link page to include links to the Prequel Card as well as to the brand new Quibbler, the latter being a fan project intended as a Cheering Charm. *joking*

Happy puzzling everyone!

Cheers, Evreka

Posted at 2008-02-18 17:20:26
Fixed a Broken Link
Welcome to the newest members! *supergrin*

I've found JigZone's newer TroubleShooting page and replaced the old link in the JS FAQ.


Posted at 2008-01-16 22:43:53
More things hooked up...
So, now the news and the guestbook are hooked up to the new system as well. *smile*


Posted at 2008-01-14 23:20:20
Result update complete!
> I will very soon upload some changes to how the results from Quizzes and Crosswords are stored.
Luckily this went very smoothly indeed. *supergrin* The upload is complete, and seems to work just fine.

If you were sent here from a puzzle page, just reload, and the puzzle page should work again. *big smile*

Also found the left-over bug from the last round of updates, before today. *sad* The Sorting Hat is up and running again! *smile*

If anyone finds something that doesn't load or in some other way appears to be not working as it should, please let me know!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Posted at 2008-01-11 22:42:40
Rate Scripts Changed - Quiz Bugs Found!
Welcome to the newest members! *supergrin*

I will soon upload a changed rating script, which might create problems to rate, view rates or whatever. Hopefully nothing bad will happen, but... IF you get an error message related to rates (one way or another), it is most likely related to this.
The upload is complete and as far as I can tell it now works as it should. Eventually this new system will make it far easier for me to reply to certain rating comments which are really error reports. This is not working yet, when it does, you will hear about it! *smile* Don't hold your breath, though! I've got a ton more scripts to fix first...

While testing to see that the rating function worked, I found a few very irritating bugs in the quiz scripts. *sad* As always, bugs are fixed much quicker if I am aware of them, so please let me know when something refuses to load! The Quote Quiz is back in business, as is the functionality if you forget to answer a question in a quiz.


Posted at 2007-12-31 15:10:23
House Results Work again!
For the nearest hour or so the Resorting into Another House will appear to be broken, as I work with those scripts.
The work on those scripts is finnished, and everything work as normal once more. *smile*

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