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Evreka's Predictions on HBP

This page was constructed because the blogg Sas (from Leaky Lounge) linked to refuses to load. I've tried letting it load for over 20 minutes and it is no good. I have absolutely no inclination to instead dive into the book threads at said Lounge for the risk of early spoilers. So, instead I put my predictions up here, and send the link to Sas. *smile*

Edited July 16th: Got the link to the blogg up as well as a later removed spoiler warning, as it was supposed to be there from the start!

So, here is something to laugh at in a few days time. My predictions for HBP:

This is posted at 11.00 AM BST (Brittish Summer Time).

Grrr, I forgot something: Added at 11.15 PM BST.

I think I have more, but I don't remember them now so, I'll stop here. *smile*