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Evreka's Predictions on DH

Before HBP came out I made a list of predictions on its content, which has been fun to look back at. So I decided I'd do the same for DH. As of this moment, July 20th, 2007 I have luckily evaded any and all spoilers on DH's content. Mostly, by pure luck... What appears below are based solely on the first six books and the four available covers for DH. (American (AC), Brittish Child (BCC), Brittish Adult (BAC) and DeLuxe Covers (DC). And/or on interviews with Jo or Jo's site prior to the last week before DH's release. Last things posted to T&T July 20th, 2007 at 18:15 GMT. I might add things up until before the release.

So, here is something to laugh at in a few days time. My predictions for DH:

I am sure I've forgotten a ton of things... but well... most things are up in the air really...


Debbie's Predictions on DH

Debbie's comment: Done last minute, so I'm probably forgetting loads.
Sent to my (Evreka's) email Inbox July 20th, 2007, though after the time where I got completely offline. Therefore the late addition here.