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Evreka's Sorting Hat Quiz!

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Quiz created by Evreka. Short description:logo Owl

Welcome to Evreka's Sorting Hat Quiz! Do you want to know which House you belong in? Try this quiz, and make sure to answer it truthfully. If you do not, the Sorting Hat might trick you... *joking* ... and put you in a House where you do not truly belong... *joking*

Average rate as 3.8: Between 3) It is OK. and 4) This Sorting Hat was great! (by 49 person(s)).

NOTE! This quiz is NOT a one-to-one match between Houses and alternatives.

1) What is the very most important thing at sports? Compare the alternatives against each other. If just ONE will be true after a game it better be...
It was a fair game.
Your team won.
You did your VERY best.

2) Compare the alternatives against each other. If someone is to get hurt based on your own actions it better be...
anyone but yourself.
anyone but your family or friends. Ie it better be either a complete stranger or yourself.
yourself. No other person should have to take the consequences of what you do.

3) If you would have found a copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in a field outside the plant prior to June 21, 2003 (release date), what would you have done?
Returned it to the plant, or possibly the police, without reading it.
Returned it to the plant, or possibly the police, but not until you had read it. Then kept your mouth shut not to spoil it for others.
Read it. Then kept your mouth shut about the contents so noone knew you had read it. Possibly returned it to the plant or the police.
Read it. Then spread the contents on the internet.
Read it. Then tried to sell it to a newspaper.

4) Which of the following types of people do you look up to the most?
The most loyal ones.
The most intelligent and wittiest.
Those who succeed.
The truely courageous ones.

5) At a shop you get too much change back! What do you do?
Tell the cashier.
Don't tell the cashier.

6) There is never enough time. Today you should prepare for a very important meeting tomorrow, concerning your career. Then your friend calls you in distress, needing your help. You can't do both. How do you decide?
The meeting is VERY important so you comfort your friend in the phone, promising to help tomorrow afternoon, then concentrate on the meeting..
Your friend needs you! Help your friend even if it means that you'll have to fix the meeting on the fly tomorrow!.
Start helping your friend and stay up all night to prepare for the meeting..

7) Your friend came by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix prior to June 21, 2003 (release date), read it and put spoilers up on a community where spoilers were strictly forbidden. How did you react?
You notified a moderator, because that was against the rules and might have spoiled for others!
Kept quiet since it was your friend and you wouldn't risk getting your friend banned.
Considered it a good joke!
You didn't care, it really wasn't that important.

8) Which of the following is the WORST thing to do in your opinion?
Prioritize fun above learning or work.
Fail to do your very best.
Fail to succeed with your ideas and goals.
Fail to do the right thing because you are scared or uncertain..

9) Suppose you are doing a very important exam in the morning. You simply must pass. Would you consider cheating?
No way! That's just wrong!
No! It's what you know by yourself that matters, not the result of the test. If you pass on cheating it's worthless.
Yes. You may not do it, but you will earnestly consider it..
Yes! Any way to pass is a good way!

10) Once you made a big mistake. Now someone is trying to blackmail you. What do you do and why?
Pay it and hope for revenge some day.
Pay it, because you are too scared of the consequences if you don't.
Go to the police, but worry about the consequences for you.
Go to the police! There is NO way you're going to fall for it! Better face the result of your own misstake than paying for silence.

11) Which of the following magical careers would you be most content in persuing? (Since the same profession in the true world might differ between countries, it's safer to compare magical professions. Then they mean the same to all of us.)
A career as Judge in Quidditch matches.
A political career to Minister of Magic.
A career as Auror.
A political career to become an Unspeakable (working in Department of Mysteries).
A career as Professor at Hogwarts.
A career as dragon-tamer in Bulgaria.

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