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Welcome to Try & Trix!

The site for Harry Potter fans who like word or logic puzzles as well... Now featuring a wide range of puzzles: quizzes, interactive crosswords, jigsaws, logic puzzles and sphinx riddles. *big smile* How much do you remember about Harry Potter and his world? Care to test it? Feel free to look around and see if you find something interesting to do. *smile*

Some puzzles are easy, others are less so. Hopefully you'll find something on a suitable level for you. *smile* If nothing else, you may be interested in my Sorting Hat. Check out what is new, also available at "News/Info"/News in the menu.

More fun things are likely to pop up as time goes by. The latest addition is the Sphinx Riddles which has been added May 6th, 2006.

HarryMost puzzles are available for everyone. *smile* If you would like to save your results, or rate a puzzle, you'll have to register. Registering is free and is used for practical reasons as a way to keep track of the results from different individuals. Some puzzles may only be accessable for logged in members, though.

Members will be able to compare their results to other members', and also keep track of their own results. They can also rate the puzzles, and in the future - if there's an interest for it - it may be possible to submit your own material. You can also choose to receive an email whenever there is a major update on the site.

Whichever you choose, I hope you get a good time around here! *smile*

Try & Trix assumes that you have read all seven HP books. Any puzzle that only use info from a subset of the books, will declare this in the description and/or the title of the puzzle!!!

Additionally, all puzzles using any kind of newly released information (from JKR or otherwise) are clearly spoiler marked.

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