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Some of these Frequently Asked Questions have really been asked more or less frequently, the rest are things that are bound to need some explanations. The most obvious are added below and as time goes by, this info is likely to grow. *smile* Feel free to suggest more things to explain... either by owlpost (if you are logged in) or by using the guestbook. Last updated June 1st, 2006 see the news for more info. *smile*

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Technical Aspects

How to Solve Confirmation & Login Problems

Newly registered members must confirm their email address before they can login. An email is dispatched to your email address at registration time. If you've logged in before, the first thing to try is to use the the forgotten password form under Login in the menu. That way a new password will be sent to your registered email address.

But what if you waited for such an email for 10 minutes or so, and it isn't comming? (Normally it will arrive within seconds, but sometimes it could take a few minutes.) Just take it easy, we'll solve it. *smile* First, check your spam and/or trash folder. It is possible that some email programs, depending on how heavy spam-filters you use, might sort it into one of these two boxes. If this didn't help, you just have to inform Evreka (admin) that you need help. This can be done in a few different ways, see below. If you registered under an AOL email address, see also Why AOL Email Adresses Poses a Problem below. To the top

Why AOL Email Addresses Poses a Problem

So far not one person who has registered under an AOL address has got the confirmation email. As far as I know this is ONLY a problem for AOL email addresses. I am positive the emails are sent OK, so the only possible explanation is that AOL refuses to deliver emails that are automatically generated, regardless of content. This is problematic as all emails from Try & Trix normally are automatically generated. I do check unconfirmed members at intervals and send confirmation emails "by hand" to AOL addresses. However, this may take several days. Also this affect all emails, not just confirmation emails. This means that the option to receive emails on site updates also require special treatment to AOL addresses. And, which is worse still, so does a forgotten password.

My recommendation is therefore to, if at all possible, register under an email address from some other server. There are plenty of servers offering free email accounts, including gmail, yahoo and hotmail. If this is not an option, use your AOL email, but be aware that it may take days to get a confirmation email and SAVE the address that sent it. You are going to have to email that address if you ever forget your password. To the top

Is AOL Your Internet Provider?

Do you have huge problems to stay logged in? Post your username in the Guestbook, or email me if you have my email address, and we can solve the problem. *big smile*To the top

How to Change Info Submitted at Registration Time

You do this at the Control Panel MyCP, which can be found under Members in the menu. (You have to be logged in to go there.) To the top

Why does the Time Here Differ from My Time?

If some inputs here appear to be posted in the past or in the future compared to when it "should" according to your time zone, it's because this site resides on a swedish server. Hence it shows swedish time (GMT +1 hour). To the top

Puzzle Questions

Description of the Categories

Not all of the categories mentioned below may currently have puzzles. However these are all categories that are planned for the immidiate future.

HP BooksPuzzles where the answers are obtainable solely from JKR's books: PS/SS, COS, POA, GOF, OOTP, HBP or possibly from the two extra books Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and Quidditch Through The Ages
HP MoviesPuzzles where the answers are obtainable solely from the movies of WB's production: PS/SS, COS, POA, GOF. Or, possibly, are centered around known facts from the production of the movies, such as how things are done or behind the scenes...
JKR KnowledgePuzzles that test what you know about the author behind it all. Info used will solely be either info she has given herself or is otherwise widely known. Rumours will NOT be included.
HP GeneralPuzzles where the answers don't fit in any category mentioned above, yet are all about the HP world.
Examples: Both book and movie questions are included. And/Or some question(s) are based on interviews with JKR and/or on info from her site.
HP DHAny puzzle that contains any information whatsoever found within - or related to - DH, which will be released July 21st, 2007 appears under this category. These puzzles will eventually - well after release date - be moved to either HP Books or HP General, depending on where they'd fit.
HP SpoilerAny puzzle that includes any kind of information from or about an unreleased or very recently released movie or ditto info from Jo will be presented under this category. This way you can avoid it if you so wish. Any such puzzles will eventually - well after release date - be moved to the apropriate non-spoiler category, depending on where they'd fit.
HP SpecialQuizzes that don't have incorrect answers and so are very special... Like the Sorting Hat Quiz, for instance.
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Point Scoring in the Checkbox Questions

Please note the way points are scored in any question where the answers look like this:
Every correctly checked box, earns you +1 point as usual. However, to avoid that anyone can get 100% correct answers without any knowledge by simply checking every box, every incorrectly checked box will make you loose 1 point. (You can't however, make assumptions on the amount of correct/incorrect answers per question. This ratio varies.) Every quiz where this applies says as much at some relevant place. Either at the description of the quiz, or at the question(s) themselves. However, this seems to be easily over-looked. *smile*

Example: If, on a certain question, with four correct answers, you choose three answers correctly and three wrongly, you'll end up at 0 points as the score for that question. To the top

Point Scoring in the Textfield Questions

Please note the way points are scored in any question where you are supposed to type in the answer in a field looking like this:

The textfields score if what is in them is exactly matched by alternatives given in the database. It is impossible to figure out how every person in the world is going to prefer to answer. So instead of creating a looong list of alternatives that should score, (which likely would not contain what some people wrote anyway), every such puzzle states clearly how you should answer in the description of it. Never put in any additional words that do not fit the given description. For the same reason spelling is very important. If you type in a correct answer you will get +1 point, otherwise it will be zero for this question. *smile*

In the description In the text fields, answer on the straight forward forms: Harry Potter or Dobby (if there is just one word in the answer).
Question: Who is the boy who lived?
Correct Answers: Harry or Harry Potter.
Incorrect answers: All others, including (but not limited to): "Potter, Harry", Harry himself, HP, Harry!! ... (Specifically, Potter will not do, as it can also refer to James.)
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Why Does the Pass Level Differ between Puzzles?

Because it depends on the level of difficulty. You need a lower percentage to pass a challenging puzzle than a medium or easy one. If you know your HP you are likely to pass any level... If you pass you get the choice to be saved to the highscore list. (Provided you have logged in.) To the top

I Need Help with the Jigsaw Application!

See this help page for the Jigsaw application. To the top

I Need Help with the Interactive CW Application!

See this help page for the interactive CW application. To the top

The Rating System Explained

For all puzzles except the Sorting Hat, it is the difficulty of the puzzle that is rated. The rating values mean the following:
1: Too easy and boring.
2: Easy.
3: Medium.
4: Challenging, but fun.
5: Impossible! Too hard to be fun.

For the Sorting Hat, you instead rate the accuracy of its sorting:
1: This Sorting Hat needs its inner eye tested! :(
2: I have tested worse, but...
3: It is OK.
4: This Sorting Hat was great!
5: WOW! This was one of the best Sorting Hats I have tried! :e

Only members can rate. After finishing a puzzle the logged in member get an option to rate it. After the rate has been submitted it can't be changed. To the top


How to Contact Admin

If you want to contact admin, for whatever reason, there are a few different ways to do this.

Naturally, you can contact admin for other reasons than needing help. *big smile* To the top


Some common Abbreviations Explained

PS/SS Short for the first book, which was published under the name Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone in Britain and a few other countries and as Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone in the US.
COS Short for the second book: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
POA Short for the third book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
GOF Short for the fourth book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
OOTP Short for the fith book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
HBP Short for the sixth book: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
DH Short for the seventh book, which will be published July 21st, 2007: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
JKR Short for J.K. Rowling, the author of the series.
CW Short for crossword here at Try & Trix.
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The Cookies at Try & Trix

(This info is necessary according to swedish law.) Try & Trix itself uses session cookies as a way to separate one surfer from the next. These session cookies are destroyed at logout and also when your browser is exited.

Additionally, Try & Trix uses a free online service from StatCounter to keep track of the amount of unique visitors who come by this site. StatCounter uses cookies to get this job done, and since these cookies are not set by Try & Trix, this site can't remove them either.

If you are determined to avoid cookies, you must set your browser to not accept any. However, by doing so you may find that you can not login here. Alternatively, you could allow session cookies and not other types, in which case login will work whereas the counter will just treat every new page load as that of a new visitor's.
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